Thursday, October 8, 2009


i met a new friend and hes gonna text me with the location of tomorow nights bike polo.
work is actually quite tiring, too much standing! i hate the 1230-900 shift, and thats what i almost always get. i hate that michigan is 4 hours ahead of me. when i get off work if i want to talk to anyone from michigan, it is already 1am!!!!!!!
ive been riding my bike more lately. it is fun. its been rainy everyday. its not cool. i am going to start saving money like crazy and not spending money on stupid things.
i gave my sister a ride to work this morning and i saw a moose. this seems to happen more and more in the morning. right in the road walking real slow all the cars had to stop and wait for the big guy.
i was going to grow my mustache back, but i have changed my mind.

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