Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Funny

Stop this from being sold!

The Illegal Alien Halloween Costume that your corporation is selling is offensive. To depict an immigrant as an outerspace alien wearing an orange jumper suit is dehumanizing. I believe the extra terrestrial creature perpetuates racism and discrimination in an already hostile environment and during a period of time when the debate on immigration reform is increasingly hateful and divisive.

I trust that your corporation will understand that what we need is respectful debate not offensive caricatures.

I am disappointed with the judgement that your corporation has demonstrated in selling this distasteful costume. I respectfully request that you pull this item immediately off your internet site and shelves as a symbol of respect and good will towards your large immigrant client base.


Copy and paste the above message and go HERE and email it to them and then go to your email and also send it to walgreens:

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