Thursday, October 29, 2009


playing my guitar a lot which is a very pleasant and beneficial change. Trying to write my own songs, with actual words and singing! I keep finding that I hate most of the stuff i come up with. Then i think about how it doesnt really matter anyway, as long as i am coming up with something it should keep getting better and better. I have been working on one specific one that i think will soon be ready to unleash upon the world. Probably here, in video form, and also somewhere else on the internet i am not sure where yet but Justin is going to help me record it because there are some other instrument that i want in there. well not help me record it but rather give me access to his mac. i don't promise a very good recording, but we will see.
Also, been riding my bike to and from work everyday, which is soooo good for me! ya! ooooooooooooooo! anyway, also haven't been smoking. ya! ooo woohoo!
I still have the worst job i can think of! maybe not, i just really don't like the people where i work. It snowed today. I have been do yoga regularly and nightly crunches and handstands and six-steps and i am pretty much ripped bro yeah man!

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