Friday, October 30, 2009

Eyes of Noctum

Nicholas Cage's son fronts THIS Black Metal band. I just thought it was funny and cool

and at about 7 seconds into this video he sounds just like his dad!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

random pictures

halloween is here

more pictures of different faces should be coming soon!


playing my guitar a lot which is a very pleasant and beneficial change. Trying to write my own songs, with actual words and singing! I keep finding that I hate most of the stuff i come up with. Then i think about how it doesnt really matter anyway, as long as i am coming up with something it should keep getting better and better. I have been working on one specific one that i think will soon be ready to unleash upon the world. Probably here, in video form, and also somewhere else on the internet i am not sure where yet but Justin is going to help me record it because there are some other instrument that i want in there. well not help me record it but rather give me access to his mac. i don't promise a very good recording, but we will see.
Also, been riding my bike to and from work everyday, which is soooo good for me! ya! ooooooooooooooo! anyway, also haven't been smoking. ya! ooo woohoo!
I still have the worst job i can think of! maybe not, i just really don't like the people where i work. It snowed today. I have been do yoga regularly and nightly crunches and handstands and six-steps and i am pretty much ripped bro yeah man!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bobwhite paris

new fixed year documentary coming out of paris. thought this video was cool, minus the song choice.

Le vĂ©lo de papi fait de la rĂ©sistance TEASER#1 from rvhiolle • on Vimeo.

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i am gonna race

i registered for a Halloween race today!
here is a short article about it:

It is time to get your running shoes on and participate in the 42nd-annual Tuesday Night Races. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to join in; all you need to have is a good attitude and a good pair of shoes.

Don’t worry if you are not an experienced runner there are different divisions of skill level and different age groups.

There is the Munchkin League, typically for kids, which is a one to two-kilometer race.

Farm League is for the more recreational runners and is run on a course between four and five kilometers. Lightning League is the most advanced league, and is for the competitive runners with a course around six or seven kilometers.

Since it is getting darker earlier these days, the course lengths had to be shortened. At the beginning of the Tuesday Night Race series each course was between two and six kilometers longer than they are now.

The races are a good way to get outside and get some fresh air while we still can. From the size of the races this year, chances are you are bound to meet a person or two.

“The smallest race we had this year was 750 people and the largest race had 1,015 participants,” said Margaret Timmerman, Parks and Recreation coordinator for Tuesday Night Races.

Attendance to the races at this time of year is expected to go down because of the drop in temperature. The costume run on Oct. 27 always brings in a good crowd though, so if you are looking for a place to wear your costume and get a workout in, then Kincaid Park is going to be the place for you.

All of the Tuesday Night Races this year are sponsored by Alaska Regional Hospital. At the end of each race they provide water and treats for all of the participants. Runners that register for the races early will receive a water bottle or a hat that is also provided by Alaska Regional Hospital. With such low racing fees, just $5 per runner, the turnouts to the races have been great this year.

“The philosophy of Tuesday Night Races is to experience the joy of movement. The goal for the Parks and Recreation of Anchorage is to get everybody to participate and get out on the trails,” Timmerman said.

The next upcoming race will take place Oct. 27 at Kincaid Park. This particular race is special because it is the costume run. It is a fun event for the whole family. So bring out your best or scariest costume and run your pumpkins off, or scare the moose off the trail with your scary masks since moose have been know to occasionally hang out by the trails.

The awards ceremony and potluck for the season will be held Nov. 3, so don’t forget to bring a yummy dish to share with others.

To avoid same-day registration craziness, register early at any of the recreation facilities (Fairview Rec. Center, Spenard Rec. Center, Russian Jack Springs Chalet, Kincaid Park Outdoor Center, Mt. View Office, and any of the municipal pools.)

If you can not register early then registration starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 6:15 p.m. and the race will start at 6:30 p.m..

check it out!

i have been watching THIS all night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anthony and Justin pt. 2 (might be confusing, random point of view changes)

The pen is driven by something beyond what I can physically see. I want to be that which I cannot see. I want to scale through the green rocks, and I will pretend that the end is near. When in actuality, there is no end at all. I cannot begin to start or even finish to end. All I really know is that my life is yours and yours mine. When we see the fallacy of what we know we can learn what we have is beautiful and true. The realization that TIME IS NOW brings me to a place where I CREATE what I need. When I created you I did it for myself but my love for you is equal to my love in totality. Please see that when more than one sinks into the moment, we will change all that we know. If you reach as far as you can and still have no idea what the fuck you are reaching for, you will still get something to build on. Besides, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Unless you empower the cake to somehow CONVINCE YOU to eat it........
If we can convince cake we should never see where we cannot CONVINCE OURSELVES to be what we need to be. From there it's simple; you just pluck the strings on this guitar called LIFE until you hear something you absolutely LOVE! Music is the one true language that we can accurately communicate our emotions without cultural distortion. If you are expressing your music with pure love, the people listening will respond with how they are feeling and about your emotion with their words but these words cannot describe the emotion.
If only using words to describe emotions were possible, it would make life so much fuller. It is fun and rewarding to try though! I want to see if another language can give me new ways to think what I am feeling and express whatever I want to without limitation. Or even change the way some existing feeling FEEL. There is sadness and happiness and there will always be life and death, but I cannot think of a time when my observations ran short of time or effort. When my dreams and my reality come together and their patterns realign I will be back into a moment in which I can evolve to do what I need or desire to do just by expressing my gratitude for the realization of already having all that I desire to be around me.
Let's say, for example, you go have tea with your boss. You have no idea what he wants to talk about. What is the first thing you should say?
You say: "do you like the tea?" and go from there. That way he has another chance to tell you more about himself.
I always smile so that people will wonder what I am thinking because if they do see and do react I can use that opportunity to pick up on what they are feeling. A mental phone tap if you will. I love looking into the eyes, deep into the eyes.
People may go and follow what other people do. Animals may go and follow what other animals do. Machines may run out of batteries. Emotions may run out of brains to dive into. The mass unit we call the universe. Where they became stars that tell the stories of the lives they lived and the tales of the lives you are living this very moment. The cycle goes on forever, when you understand your specific cycle you can use it to gain wisdom and guide your soul. Life is hypnotic and confusing and great and awful....wait what?!
Speeding inward through the black hole In the middle of the brown circle of dust with clouds of white surrounding and a sea of pale mountains of sand as far as the eye can see. The universe was in sight. You started to float towards it with excitement. You felt so free; you couldn’t even feel your body. You franticly screamed when you noticed, at some point in the night you had grown a big beautiful pair of wings. Wings that could take you to places you never imagined. Seeing places you had only once DREAMED of. As you soar into the blackness you see a sight that you have known your whole life, you realize that you have always been aware of everything that has happened or will ever happen to you.
Where should you go from there? Keep floating and go explore that beautiful universe in front of you! You start to hear noises. Irritating, annoying noises. You realize it is the sound of the one thing you HATE most; Human Conversation.
It feels like it will be impossible to block out. The space you are in is dissolving before your eyes. Everything is fading to black, you panic! You must think fast or you could fall...FOREVER!
That’s it! You remember the password your father taught you. He always said to just say this one word to get out of any situation. So you screamed it;
" !" But nothing came out. It was a nightmare that made your HEART clench to your SPINE. The terror of knowing exactly how to fix the situation at hand but being completely unable to act in any way. You've had this feeling once before when your Father was dying of cancer. It seemed like 3 or 4 hours had passed and you had gained possibly a little too much speed during your adventure in floating. The secure warm feeling of knowing you had complete control began building in your base, and you could feel it rising up to your center. Igniting more noticeably in certain places than in others. When it makes it up to the top of your head you feel it EXPLODE out of your chest and circle your entire body. You feel unable to move anything in your body. You have reoriented. You realize what you won’t say or do. I can't believe flying upside down could lead one to such a low part of my emotional balance until I remember where I stand in the creation of everything.
I had no way of even knowing whether or not I truly had different levels of emotion. But I was at least upside down and now covered in snow. The snow was thick and wet. Perfect for building a residence. I dug into the ground and started making a foundation for what would soon be my soul home. The one place I can always return to. As I move the snow I see what looks like a green crystal. When I reach for it, it melts away. The energy I felt was STRANGE at this moment BUT IT FELT RIGHT. I dissolved it into myself so I could have it always.
The walls of my house began turning from snow to wood. I frantically tried to throw up my thought to build the dwelling before I left the place. Lost it. So close. I will return very soon.
"Fuck it!" I thought and I turned around! Looks like I was away for a second too long though. Almost everything was covered in brown/green healthy wood. I quickly found the last remaining section of the wall that still existed in its original, sane form. I latched onto it. I sucked in the thick, moist air like a thirsty desert dweller.
The water made him feel like his mind and body were synchronized in a way he had never imagined. They were merely following a higher order of things. An order to embrace all physical and mental experience he could conceive of a wisdom he had only as a young boy. But it was still only water. He had to concentrate on the disgusting situation at hand. He was going insane, that was now clear. Or I guess it was just starting to get ready to be clear. It was still nothing new to him.
The water coming from the snow was helping me to see everything I needed to begin to understand the building of my foundation. The wood came because I began to get sucked in too fast. It looked appealing and FELT RIGHT but I needed to completely build my foundation.
I got my measuring tape and my other instruments. I kept a journal of all my acquired DATA. Soon my home would be finished. Whoops! I was getting way ahead of myself. I needed to get more people involved! Well I didn’t really have to, it's just always better having more people involved in anything you try and create.
The power of two was/is exponential; evolution could/can be doubled in speed. As I began to gather more people to follow the feeling they enjoyed the most, I began to see that not only is my foundation beginning to fill itself in on its own but its consistency is becoming that of cold marble.
You imagined rubbing up against said marble. Cold marble. So smooth. So chili on a hot day. But you are NEVER home on hot days because you are always so busy in the heat, getting sweaty. I must focus on my goal here when I have my house built and the roof sealed tight I can worry about spending time inside. The time I will spend inside will only be necessary for a small amount of time because when the house is finished you will have more people around you than you could imagine at any moment so time will be meaningless to your existence beyond measuring where you are.

oh my god


coffee pistachio pancakes

Coffee Pistachio Pancakes from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

parts of my bike ride

its very short, i ran out of battery.

quick little clips of todays ride from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turning Tricks week 11

damn Chris! awesome!

Turning Tricks – Week 11 from KrEEEstowfUr on Vimeo.

My name is Chris Layda, and this is my weekly video series called ‘Turning Tricks.’ Every week I try to learn at least one new trick, combination, or line. This series is meant to document my progress as a freestyle fixed gear rider.

"40 degree rain… all weekend! I got a little cabin fever and just decided to ride. I was tired of being locked inside. This was just a reminder that you can still have fun on days like this! Look for some funny spills and creative lines. Also, there is a decent ledge gap near the end."

New Tricks for this week include:
1. X-up to bar spin the opposite way to wheelie
2. Rainy and splashy lines.
3. Crazy “5 points” ledge gap to puddle (end).


time, timing, time changes, all these things have had a huge effect on me recently, so much soo that it amazes me and i can't even really explain it! my mind is so alert to everything! even what i can't do anything about. my mind wastes time and energy thinking about these things. it is tiring, but usually beneficial.
why am i even typing on this stupid computer right now!? it is 802 in the morning and here i am. whatever, time helps things. i am hopefully almost sure of it!

late last night

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Funny

Stop this from being sold!

The Illegal Alien Halloween Costume that your corporation is selling is offensive. To depict an immigrant as an outerspace alien wearing an orange jumper suit is dehumanizing. I believe the extra terrestrial creature perpetuates racism and discrimination in an already hostile environment and during a period of time when the debate on immigration reform is increasingly hateful and divisive.

I trust that your corporation will understand that what we need is respectful debate not offensive caricatures.

I am disappointed with the judgement that your corporation has demonstrated in selling this distasteful costume. I respectfully request that you pull this item immediately off your internet site and shelves as a symbol of respect and good will towards your large immigrant client base.


Copy and paste the above message and go HERE and email it to them and then go to your email and also send it to walgreens:

Friday, October 16, 2009

stupid humor

ok i thought this was great.


ok, remember my new activities post? well i just finished doing this yoga class, and then i signed up for a free membership. basically it's no different than finding random you tube yoga classes but i don't have to search because they will be weekly specific classes and will go in order. cool!

Also have been practicing guttural vocals in the car while driving and they are getting better. i have been doing breathing excersizes.

Anyway, i feel amazing after the last hour of yoga and i am excited to do this on a regular basis.

also one activity i want to add:
JUGGLING- i saw an old video of myself today:

juggle from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

i kinda forgot about juggling for a long time, and it is fun and i want to get back into it!

and here is a video of Justin, the guy i live with. enjoy:

turning fantasies into movement and dramatic expression from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

Bologna in Amsterdam with Melanie (not for the easily offended)

Some people really want to talk, not me!
No just kidding, I would love to. But I can’t right now. When I was in the 6th grade I met Melanie. She was amazing. We spent our childhood days learning how to lose ourselves in the time we spent together. By the time we were in high school, we were inseparable. I mean, maybe we could have been separated, but no one actually ever tried. Ha-ha fucking Ha. I love Melanie with all my heart but come on..........INSEPERABLE?!? When we were in our senior year we decided that rather than go to Daytona Beach for spring break like all the other kids, we would plan a trip to Holland! That would be perfect! Well actually Melanie planned pretty much the whole thing all by herself! She sure was a "BAT WOMAN" sometimes. Bat women are dark nasty creatures of the night. They are the color of hot furious fire!
Disguised vaginas that look beautiful and luscious from a front view, but burn your penis furiously when you penetrate past the first inch or so. Burning to the point of vicious blisters. Luckily you had an army of ugly penises to fight the band of "backward vagina beauty" contest winners, and they wouldn’t stand a chance. The trip was going to be tense. I will always have my army but she, I believe has a clan of her own! In another country I will be solo. I do not believe she has any international counterparts either so the playing field is set to see where the experience will lead us. I have cleverly developed asbestos heat retardant condoms so I can fuck the shit out of that hot sexy cunt and she cannot burn me in the slightest. In fact, I generally leave her bloody.
I always wear my gloves though! I of course don't want anything to happen to my hands!
Fire now stares you in the face. The flames singe your facial hair and waft the scent of cooked snot to your brain.
I puke all over her slit and the smell of barbequed puke makes her puke and shit at once. We both get super turned on at this point. I usually use the Ralph to help slide my cock into her with more ease. The sex is really all that has kept us together all these years.
In fact I can recall numerous times where, for three or four days at a time, we didn’t even slur one syllable at one another, we just fucked.
These were the months leading up to our trip; they would definatly be what I would call our "high point". When we were on the plane we fucked in the bathroom, while I was shitting. Oh boy was that annoying. The flight attendants probably hated us after that one. But love does funny things. I felt like things on the trip were going to be amazing! And boy was I right! Love really does do funny things. By the end of the night, everything would be perfect. You will sleep, like any other night, and sleep was always good.
The night led to our first day. We were visiting Amsterdam, one of the bigger cities in Holland. We decided to have coffee at a nice coffee house on the corner of a quaint street. The place smelled beautifully of fresh coffee. The smell made me think of when I passed the weird kids in the back of the playground at school. They always had bloodshot eyes.
I later heard that these kids were what my Mother referred to as, "POT-HEADS". We finished our coffee and thrust our empty cups into the pond outside.
We held hands and walked through people and in people and amongst people. In the place where you remember the most bliss imaginable. There was a group of men sitting in a circle meditating. Mel giggled in a burly tone. The men noticed nothing. When I got a closer look I realized that she was laughing because the men were all stroking their bologna sticks. Each one was literally beating his meat while meditating! It really made a great picture. We decided to sneak into the middle of their circle and "fuck super-hard". We proceeded and only one man even opened his eyes the whole time, it was super funny.
I wish I remembered one more story to tell you! I swear sometimes brain knows exactly when I need to remember information and it keeps it from me just for a laugh.
I think it might have something to do with the constant amphetamine use. Cocaine seems so natural and awesome. I just want to roll in shit-vomit while snorting fat lines of Mel's chest that lead down to her twat and finish at her sweet tasty anus hole. Oh god I am getting so hard. I want to suffocate her while she comes. With a bag from the leaves in her front yard. Darkness happens, the sun rises. I have forgotten everything in the past. Fresh start. I am a newborn. As a baby I experience the smell of my own shit and I see an image of my Mel and I have no idea how to feel. All I could do was cry. I did not know how to find here. I was so small and incapable. As I grew older the smell of shit and throw-up always gave me loving feelings but I had forgotten why.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


started THIS last night and hope to add to it often.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


newest video from Cameron Argon, the new vocalist for Abominable Putridity.
Amazing vocals:

conversations between gods

he slowly stepped out from behind the old house, "YOU SEEN SARA?" he yelled in a raspy voice. Sara was his female companion who he had lost in his memories. When he fell asleep his arms were entangled with hers, but as soon as he began to dream he felt a jolt and he was next to her as he had remembered. he slowly pulled his arms from under her, being sure not to wake her, and he made way for the door. As he twisted the door knob he felt reality slip from his mind and down deep into a world of his thoughts that he did not recall.
There they were again, the two guys from the boat. He used to get drunk and cry with them. Only after they had played a game of gin/rummy of course! Jim would always win so he would always make the others cry. Sometimes he wished he could go back to highschool and know what he knows now. If he had wisdom beyond his age he could create as he pleased. Wait how old am I? I feel like i have been living for billions of years but don't think my body would last like it has. I mean, when i really think about it, my body hasnt lasted at all, i mean your body is in it's prime right before you are born. As soon as you aare pushed out, i mean it is so strange that you grow grow grow in Mom's womb and as soon as you are pushed out you are dieing dieing dieing!
i wonder a lot if when we die and we are aware that we are conscious if we can retain what we have experienced and the wisdom we have gained or if it is like a big bang and every bit of what we know is scattered to the edge of the universe.
It is easily recently for my brain to confuse the fuck out of me, causing me to emote rapidly on a wide range of feeling and thought. i must learn to find a place where i can take experiences and sort through what is helping amplify my reasoning behind it and what is hurting and diminish the areas that twist what my intuition, my soul is telling me. i find it so very hard to think only one thought. The time it takes my hands to write things down needs to figure out a way to be a larger amount of time than the amount of time it takes my brain to forget a thought. I really always feel that one and ONLY one true emotion we all have inside of us, everyones is a little different. There is no need to forget anything because we create everything for a reason. We cannot be what we truly desire without knowing what we do not desire. It is up to us to decide who we are and what experiences to create to better understand what we are doing.
Humans don't use enough of their brains. Life is a canvas, i can feel the pulse of the Earth, so GENTLE AND COMFORTING. Sometimes i hear things that i wish i never had heard, but i don't know what people would do with no limitation. without limitation i know that i would generate more energy of love than i have ever imagined in my wildestt dreams. i would transcend my mind and live life directly through my soul and into my body. So that every action i did came from my highest regard for life.the soul runs on the energy that love brings forth.consciousness evolved when the soul runs the body. if the body and it's petty addictions ever start to run the soul, thats when the real problems arise. then the computer of your brain "has a virus!"
Positive comes closer to Negative
Positive falls in LOVE with Negative\
Negative falls in LOVE with Positive
they live in the exact middle of everything.
Love your addictions and you will onlyfeel the negative until you see what not having it does for you.
i imagine scenarios so intently at times, it truly feels like i am actually there.i wish i could go anywhere i wanted for the cost of a pack O' smokes.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Headstands from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.


Look where i'm going!!!!!!!!
i am very excited
check out the website HERE

Sunday, October 11, 2009


my mom sent me all these warm clothes in a box and justin helped me model them. they are all MINE except for that awesome sweater with a mask, thats my sister's

Friday, October 9, 2009

new activities?

i need to stay occupied, and there are some things i like to do, which i plan on doing a lot more.
it's something i have always enjoyed, my dad taught me a lot about it when i was younger, then i went to the bar a lot, which ussually included playing pool. there is a "private billiards club" here that is $1 a month and stays open until 4am. i'd really like to get better.
I don't know much about it, but i took some classes in my high school years and i liked it. i just want to stay in shape and be more flexible. it is on the oxygen channell at 5am but i havent made it out of bed in time yet. luckily, i just foound THIS
I used to read tons. i want to start reading regularly again.
Fixed-Gear Freestyle is something very fun and chalenging for me, as long as i have my bike, i will be practicing as often as possible.
I have always tried screaming and growling along to extreme genres of music. i am going to start practicing as often as possible, it's really nice to practice to music in my sister's car. but eventually i want to sound something like Angel from CEPHALOTRIPSY and start an awesome band!
i guess thats it for now. i'll keep you updated on how these go.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i met a new friend and hes gonna text me with the location of tomorow nights bike polo.
work is actually quite tiring, too much standing! i hate the 1230-900 shift, and thats what i almost always get. i hate that michigan is 4 hours ahead of me. when i get off work if i want to talk to anyone from michigan, it is already 1am!!!!!!!
ive been riding my bike more lately. it is fun. its been rainy everyday. its not cool. i am going to start saving money like crazy and not spending money on stupid things.
i gave my sister a ride to work this morning and i saw a moose. this seems to happen more and more in the morning. right in the road walking real slow all the cars had to stop and wait for the big guy.
i was going to grow my mustache back, but i have changed my mind.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lonely and Kicking

after some of the most special and dear to my heart times spent with Rachel in the past month, it is time to grow a pair and meet some friends so i dont sit around thinking about how i should have grown a pair. i am very sad, i just got back from that airport. and the thing that really sucks is i have to work today. id rather just ride my bike today! even worse though, and the only reason why i dont want to go to work, is that i still dont know anyone there, or what i am doing. it is my third day. luckily all the customers that come in seem to be even nicer than my fellow employees.
i might take a nap. but i probably will drink coffee and listen to music.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


such a disappointment. was very close to walking out. it was just upsetting and annoying

Friday, October 2, 2009

random stuff

i got a new job and my first day was today. i work
Rachel and I went to a field today and played soccer after i got off work and it was awesome!!!!!!!
Rachel made me Pumpkin Pie for my birthday and it was awesome!
We will have blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
we went to Talkeetna for two nights for my birthday aswell. Talkeetna is a small town in Alaska with a population douche bags. the town is beautiful and we stayed in a beautiful cabin and it was really just relaxing and amazing and special and wonderful!
we ate chinese food tonight....thumbs down.
my mom is funny!