Friday, October 16, 2009


ok, remember my new activities post? well i just finished doing this yoga class, and then i signed up for a free membership. basically it's no different than finding random you tube yoga classes but i don't have to search because they will be weekly specific classes and will go in order. cool!

Also have been practicing guttural vocals in the car while driving and they are getting better. i have been doing breathing excersizes.

Anyway, i feel amazing after the last hour of yoga and i am excited to do this on a regular basis.

also one activity i want to add:
JUGGLING- i saw an old video of myself today:

juggle from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

i kinda forgot about juggling for a long time, and it is fun and i want to get back into it!

and here is a video of Justin, the guy i live with. enjoy:

turning fantasies into movement and dramatic expression from Anthony Riskey on Vimeo.

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