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sticks of deodorant

let me tell you something, just keep it going. whatever you do, dont stop. in fact, do it even more than you did yesterday. it's a cold world out there, so hang in there bud! take your fingers out of the mud, find some warm socks, and learn to whistle, cause you know what? this beat aint gonna last forever! grap ahold of it and RIDE.

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feb 16th 2010

With my current lack of work, I try to keep occupied by doing the following:

this Friday is the Soul Step Dance Studio Showcase. I am excited and nervous.

I am always cold and hungry.
I am ready for spring.

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Airlplanes to MI from AK

The following three albums were listened to and written about on airplanes, the day after thanksgiving, 2009. I have decided to type them word for word, poor sentence structure included. I was quickly writing as I listened, so please excuse the strange wording and structure used throughout.

Pus Vomit- Degrade the Worthless- 2009 Philippines
Genre=Slam Death Metal

Stupid, disgusting sample that i have never heard. I hate it. Samples are way over used and I wish they were not so intentionally gross! This sounds like Willem Dafoe.
Fuzzy production, ok gutturals and pretty cool guitar. Drums so far are great. Fast and clever. The vocalist has a kind of annoying mid-range pig squeal that I hope he doesn't use too often.

I love a lot of these guitar parts, but hate how it's recorded. 1:30 turns brutally awesome and this track just gets better from there.

Very cool part at :17 and then at 1:00 it all goes nuts and gets boring. At 1:55 there is a slow double bass part that should be used more.

Off kilter, unnecessary pinch harmonics peppered over a lame intro. A lot of random parts in this track and I don't like how they are put together, or lack thereof.

Awesome clever drumming saves the day again! 1:20 is a super weird part with kind of barking vocals. Everything slows down around 2:00 and is boring from there.

Best intro so far. Best vocals so far. Nice groove at about 1:00 and slows down to get even better. Weird guitar parts. Awesome jumping time changes at 2:20! ya!

Straight forward intro, showcasing the whole band. Slows down at 1:00 and sounds like everything else. Extremely surprising awesome part at 1:40! Then just simplifies and repeats. fun song, so far my favorite.

Awesome vocal range displayed during intro. Horrible vocals patterns and placement displayed throughout whole song. Very annoying track.

Better. Catchy guitar. Way better vocals. FUCKING AWESOME 'stabbing' vocals at :55! Long build up of tiny parts gets resolved at 2:30.

Generic sample, not disgusting so I can stand it. Catchy, playful part at 1:30. Awesome time change part at 2:26. 2:40= palm mutes and squeels surprisingly not too annoying. Pretty lame album ender though.

Vulvectomy- Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation- 2007 Italy
Genre= Slam Death Metal

SONG 1: Festering Detached Genitals:
Stupid sample. I like the tones right of the bat. Good vocals. Amazing flow and time change. Gets slower than most bands dare to. This has to be a drum machine. 2:20 is great. Repeats, slows down, speeds up. I really like how these drums are programmed.

SONG 2: Pusfull Hymen Liquified:
Again, very cool flow, blended well. Most bands who use drum machines tend to overdue it, but this is perfect. and these songs actually have parts and structure and great smooth transitioning. The vocals on this track got pretty annoying though.

SONG 3: Depilated Cunt Twitch:
Wow, this doesn't sound like a new song at all! I love the drums here! Just listening to the first three tracks has me wondering if the guitarist is also the vocalist. 3:20 is a refreshing change that should last longer.

SONG 4: Masturbating with Defecated Entrails:
Dumb sample of a crying woman. right at :53, before a slow slammy part, is a bass drop that I found rather humorous, but it fits. This song seems to be one huge slow riff with small faster parts to break it up, as opposed to the other way around. Boring!

SONG 5:Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation:
Favorite song so far.
I am on an airplane and just got really tired. I am going to sleep.

Devourment- Unleash The Carnivore- 2009- Texas
Genre= Slam Death Metal

SONG 1: Unleash The Carnivores:
Pretty boring until the end when a slow slam takes over.

SONG 2: Abomination Unseen:
Good, non-disgusting sample. Very strange and rare chord progression for the genre. Refreshing. I like the drums here. 1:50 = sweet, slow slamming with great gutturals throughout. The vocals are great so far because there is plenty of old Devourment, just not as sloppy. Great!

SONG 3: Fed To The Pigs:
Hectic, tense, very creative drumming. Vocal fade in, which I hate. Awesome flow at 1:00. Even better at 1:30. This track is not boring and perfectly transition from part to part. Awesome drums too!

SONG 4: Incitement To Mass Murder:
Right away vocal blend and groovy chugs with slow drumming. 1:00 slows way down. Kinda boring. 1:22- new, different low vocal style. I liked it. Sound like an effect put over the vocals. 2:15-great, simple groove.

SONG 5: Crucify The Impure:
I hate the beginning of this song. Gets better at 1:20, but repeats too much. Awesomeness at 3:00 saved this track for me. Very simple guitar work put together creatively. Outro is very nice too!

SONG 6: Deflesh The Abducted:
Great beginning with exciting drums. Perfect example here how how to repeat a riff, slow it down, and still be great. Breakdown part right around 2:00 is my favorite part thus far on the album because of what the drums are doing. Pretty cool slam part starts at 3:30, sprinkled with intricate, hard to hear drum fills. Yeah baby!!!

SONG 7: Over Her Dead Body:
Hectic, all over the place intro here leading to a steady groove with nicely placed vocals. Sounds like old Devourment! ya! 1:45ish is awesome. Favorite track so far!

SONG 8: Field Of The Impaled:
Very catchy and different intro. I LOVE how the vocals come in here!!! Pretty straight forward layout until 1:23, where it kind of 'sways' or something? it's awesome. Then speeds up and at 2:00 minutes maybe all that changes is the drumming but it sounds like a whole new part. 2:30- fuzzy bass build up into slow slams with great drums and leads up to a blend of everything thing to end the NO WAIT!!!! It sounded like it was about to end but right at 3:45 it comes back in with by far the best part of the album! It repeats and fades out to end the album, which is usually lame, but not here. I really never wanted that last riff to end. And the drummer kept it exciting again!

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listen to the thunder and take care of yourself! Eat healthy! The wind is mighty and can carry you far babe! Turn around, stick it out! I'm fine with that. I am a fat person so as you could imagine, I am getting pretty hungry typing this, even though it has not much to do with food! Wow, I am sooooo fat! My name should be legally changed to Fatty Fatty Fat Fat. Yes, I think that would suit me just fine. Oh, by the way, ice cream is a drug. I am an addict. I also enjoy Gwockermoleee. with chips!
Look at your watch. Is it past 8:30pm?? You really should not eat anything at all if it his. Maybe just settle for a glass of water, or even juice, and call it a night. Read something, see what's on the tube, clean your room, I really don't care what you do just please do not make a habit of LATE_NIGHT_MUNCHING.
My whole life, right before bed, I would eat dinner. Look at me today. I resemble a beached whale. Don't do this to yourself.
What happens when you eat to late? Your body does absolutly zero digesting while you sleep. The food turn directly into lard. I am addicted. I cannot stop. I no longer eat breakfast or lunch, just a gigantic 'midnight snack'. I have not pooped in years.

Please be careful.