Friday, October 16, 2009

Bologna in Amsterdam with Melanie (not for the easily offended)

Some people really want to talk, not me!
No just kidding, I would love to. But I can’t right now. When I was in the 6th grade I met Melanie. She was amazing. We spent our childhood days learning how to lose ourselves in the time we spent together. By the time we were in high school, we were inseparable. I mean, maybe we could have been separated, but no one actually ever tried. Ha-ha fucking Ha. I love Melanie with all my heart but come on..........INSEPERABLE?!? When we were in our senior year we decided that rather than go to Daytona Beach for spring break like all the other kids, we would plan a trip to Holland! That would be perfect! Well actually Melanie planned pretty much the whole thing all by herself! She sure was a "BAT WOMAN" sometimes. Bat women are dark nasty creatures of the night. They are the color of hot furious fire!
Disguised vaginas that look beautiful and luscious from a front view, but burn your penis furiously when you penetrate past the first inch or so. Burning to the point of vicious blisters. Luckily you had an army of ugly penises to fight the band of "backward vagina beauty" contest winners, and they wouldn’t stand a chance. The trip was going to be tense. I will always have my army but she, I believe has a clan of her own! In another country I will be solo. I do not believe she has any international counterparts either so the playing field is set to see where the experience will lead us. I have cleverly developed asbestos heat retardant condoms so I can fuck the shit out of that hot sexy cunt and she cannot burn me in the slightest. In fact, I generally leave her bloody.
I always wear my gloves though! I of course don't want anything to happen to my hands!
Fire now stares you in the face. The flames singe your facial hair and waft the scent of cooked snot to your brain.
I puke all over her slit and the smell of barbequed puke makes her puke and shit at once. We both get super turned on at this point. I usually use the Ralph to help slide my cock into her with more ease. The sex is really all that has kept us together all these years.
In fact I can recall numerous times where, for three or four days at a time, we didn’t even slur one syllable at one another, we just fucked.
These were the months leading up to our trip; they would definatly be what I would call our "high point". When we were on the plane we fucked in the bathroom, while I was shitting. Oh boy was that annoying. The flight attendants probably hated us after that one. But love does funny things. I felt like things on the trip were going to be amazing! And boy was I right! Love really does do funny things. By the end of the night, everything would be perfect. You will sleep, like any other night, and sleep was always good.
The night led to our first day. We were visiting Amsterdam, one of the bigger cities in Holland. We decided to have coffee at a nice coffee house on the corner of a quaint street. The place smelled beautifully of fresh coffee. The smell made me think of when I passed the weird kids in the back of the playground at school. They always had bloodshot eyes.
I later heard that these kids were what my Mother referred to as, "POT-HEADS". We finished our coffee and thrust our empty cups into the pond outside.
We held hands and walked through people and in people and amongst people. In the place where you remember the most bliss imaginable. There was a group of men sitting in a circle meditating. Mel giggled in a burly tone. The men noticed nothing. When I got a closer look I realized that she was laughing because the men were all stroking their bologna sticks. Each one was literally beating his meat while meditating! It really made a great picture. We decided to sneak into the middle of their circle and "fuck super-hard". We proceeded and only one man even opened his eyes the whole time, it was super funny.
I wish I remembered one more story to tell you! I swear sometimes brain knows exactly when I need to remember information and it keeps it from me just for a laugh.
I think it might have something to do with the constant amphetamine use. Cocaine seems so natural and awesome. I just want to roll in shit-vomit while snorting fat lines of Mel's chest that lead down to her twat and finish at her sweet tasty anus hole. Oh god I am getting so hard. I want to suffocate her while she comes. With a bag from the leaves in her front yard. Darkness happens, the sun rises. I have forgotten everything in the past. Fresh start. I am a newborn. As a baby I experience the smell of my own shit and I see an image of my Mel and I have no idea how to feel. All I could do was cry. I did not know how to find here. I was so small and incapable. As I grew older the smell of shit and throw-up always gave me loving feelings but I had forgotten why.

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