Monday, August 17, 2009


is monday, i am really hoping Alisha from the vintage store calls me before i call her. she needs to hire me.
i ate some grapes this morning and spent a lot of time surfing the internet for no reason. listening to music. trimmed my foot-nails. i have a set of nieghbors who just REALLY dont want to talk to me. they arrive home, never return my waves, and rush inside. they also look at me funny. it makes sense though because i have started giving them some of my gang signs instead of waving because i know they will never do anything back. i dont actually know any gang signs of real gangs or anything, but i have some of my own. i have no idea why some people look at things the way they seem to look at things. they spend a lot of time worrying about shit that doesnt matter at all. i was guilty of this a little bit recently but i am over it. i want a job though. and friends to dance with and i want to be honest with people to see their reactions. people dont know how to take you if you tell them whats REALLY on your mind. sometimes. am i making any sense? oh good. i thought i wasnt. anyway, i have to get going

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