Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anchorage, AK

That is where i live now. so far, parts of it are beautiful, parts of it are nasty, like any big city i guess. but i think once i get a job and a bed i will start enjoying myself a little more. i miss some people from traverse city and i really miss traverse city itself. and i really miss my bike. and i miss my steady income i had, i never really appreciated it or saved any money, but i wish i had.
i miss staying up all night and laughing with friends. i miss late night alley picnics. i miss all my cds and the music on my old computer. i miss my record player and the records i played on it. i miss good food. i miss. i mister. i miss my mom doing funny shit all the time. i miss my dad being serious and then being sarcastic in the same moment. i miss jager and his pile o' frogs. i miss listening to loud music in my car. i miss naya and brody and haiku. i miss rachel. i miss the jukebox at bradys. i miss drinking pbr at bradys and then treating bradys like a dance club and having various waitresses happily participate. i miss the water from ians fridge. i miss my white plastic cup on ians window sill. i miss going to local shitty metal shows. i miss dancing all day at work. i miss seeing "the bear" all the time.


  1. Hey dude, dont think like that. Think about where your at now. I look up to you for gowing up to Alaska to live there, thats amazing! We all gotta leave sometime and leave stuff behind, its just part of growing up. Its what allows you to grow happy and old! So make do, be well, and explore as much as you can!

  2. thanks lance, things are already starting to look up, i will post updates as things happen!

  3. Lance: Very true, you HAVE to leave in order to understand what you have.

    That being said, it is also very important to try and live some place that makes you happy. We all need to explore in order to see what the world has to give. But, if you are truly happy someplace, that is where you are meant to be right now. I dont think we are alive long enough that we have time to dislike our surroundings.

    My advice, enjoy where you are. Discover what can be amazing about alaska, but when you feel you have been there long enough, it is time to leave.

    You have a lot of people back here who love you. I know you, I know that you will not forget that.

    I love you Anthony. I hope you figure this out.... (and I hope you have a working bike!)

  4. i am learning a lot. life is insane like i thought though. i mean cmon you guys. life is crazy