Friday, August 21, 2009


i got a matress for free. it is covered in pee. but you know im gonna put one of those plastic protecter things on it and tons of spray. its just stains really anyway.
i still have no job, it has beenbecoming more and more frustrating because i had two interviews at two awesome places and they both went extremely well, but then no calls back.
my fourth and final housemate, Justin, has arrived. so far we get along alright. it should be fine even if we dont though because we both dont really care about too much. you know what i mean? ya.
its very nice to have my own phone again, i have UNLIMITED text and picture/video messaging, which is pretty fun when youve got nothing to do. 231-944-5824 please send me awesome pictures or videos or text messages!
i miss my bike like crazy, i hate the one i have, not only is it super heavy and have a flat tire, but if i even went and bought a tube, the bike doesnt even work. so i guees i really dont even have a bike.
i dont eat healthy. i dont really eat much at all. i get bored and think a lot. i guess you could say im a "thinker"!
i miss my guitars too. Justin brought a bass and a keyboard so i will be messin around with those. the keyboard if some weird mac thing though and it only plugs into mac laptops! weird!
i get up almost everymorning at like 630, for really no reason. i post really dumb videos on my facebook page a lot. it is fun
and i shaved my mustache.
and my hair is really long

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