Tuesday, August 25, 2009

its 522am in michigan.

i am in my room listening to music and thinking and wiggling my toes and cleaning a little bit.
time confuses me. but whatever.
i love grapes. i am strangly able to enjoy most fruits, i used to dislike most fruits, not anymore. still no apples for me though!ha. i need a new belt!
hang on..................i just brushed my teeth.

the other day my friend tim walked up to me and he was high. i could tell. trust me. so i was like hey tim whats been going on with you buddy? he was like well, my mind is not for rent anthony so what do you want to hear about. he continued confusing me as the beats were dropped and i moon-walked around him. he ran upstairs to get his flute, which is actually just a rolled up piece of paper he puts to his lips and hums into. i played the air piano while he hummed and then jillian walked down the stairs and told us to "keep it down". now, normally we would have just said ok and "kept it down" but this time we were like, look jillian, we dont care what you say tonight, go back to bed.

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