Tuesday, July 14, 2009


when you turn around to see me
be sure to find me quick and stab my heart as fast as you can before i run too far away from this planet. my feet are sore and my gums have grown all the way over my teeth. i now taste my own blood when attempting to eat anything. i lay in bed and drool a crimson flood on the white sheets. the three hooded beings crept over my chest and up my limp neck, dragging knuckles like gorillas and trotting to some evil tune which produced no sound to any ears of mine. the mini soldier-like men tied there tiny ropes onto my eyelids and ripped and ripped. i heard my own eyelids rip off with a kind of "snap" sound, followed by a thick, yellowish puss that stung my eyes. as soon as my eyes adjusted to their new environment, a life without any options or protection, they spotted the three twisted, tiny men who had just become lid thieves and my right hand was formed into a fist before it was raised off the table. my fist took one powerful slam onto the three amigos and crushed them like spiders.

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