Friday, July 31, 2009

the library

it was awesome! but ride before i walked in the door, a man rode his bike straight into a pillar and looked like he really hurt himself. i ran over there and said "sir, are you ok" but he just kept moaning, he was really really hairy. then i said "do you want me to call someone?" he said no he just needed to lay there for a minute, i said ok, ill stand your bike up over here, he said ok. then i said "would you like me to help you up?" he put out his hand as i helped him up he said
"like my neurologist said, wear a helmet, you are a good man for stopping, thanks a lot" i said "sure"
then in the library i made several copies of my resume and letter of recomendation. and i was really quiet. it was really cool.

here is a picture of amanda and nicole on the bus earlier this morning

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  1. Usually when I am in a quiet "area" i become ponderous. When I become ponderous I think of polar bears. Polar bears with machetes wandering the hills of a post apocalyptic waste land. Where I am the only person around..making copies of my resume but the copies are always blank and I can't ask anyone for assistance. Because no ones around...not a sound. not a sound. so quiet. like a library.