Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sept. 14th 07

The room was a torture chamber. It was completely spotless -- the metal
instruments glistened against the light, they almost looked sterile -- but it
was filled with the most horrible instruments of torture she had ever seen. And
her terror was well planned -- Tortura, being well versed in the psychological
modes of torture as well as the physical, knew full well what the first sight of
this room would do to Kimberly. And the sight of Tortura himself, checking the
implements of pain, sent pure terror through her.

Tortura walked to Kimberly and looked her over. "Remove her clothes," he
ordered, and the Putties quickly tore the clothes from Kimberly's body. They
also removed her shoes and all her jewelry. Her hair had been tied back, but
they removed the band and it now hung freely. Kimberly was naked before she even
had a chance to gasp, and she wished desperately that she could cover her
nudity. She could feel the cold floor under her bare feet.

Tortura motioned to a chain hanging from the ceiling. "Tie her here," he said,
and the Putties dragged Kimberly into the center of the room and tied her arms
over her head to the chain from the ceiling. Kimberly was bound from the
ceiling, and had to raise slightly onto the balls of her bare feet in order to
relieve the pressure that was building on her arms.

When she looked up, she saw that Tortura was standing right in front of her. He
put out his hands and cupped Kimberly's firm breasts and began to fondle them.
He tweaked her nipples with his thumbs as he squeezed her breasts. Kimberly was
overwhelmed with shame and terror and turned her head away.

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