Tuesday, July 14, 2009


the small child would follow the bird. small black birds. he was noticing the thin air and the smell of blood. the smell of pennies. there was an old man with a can in his hand. the man was always drunk and horny. then the child's life began to be just like a wild animal's. he became wild and carnal and he could only talk in one tone and displayed no emotion. he was extremely unkind and grotesque.
he gave birth to an unloving beast. the beast was sneaky. the boy was busy picking old pieces of food out of his teeth one morning which allowed for the beast to easily walk up right behind the boy and insert his fist deep into the boy. the boy howled in pain and the beast showed his teeth with a grin caused only by lust. the boy looked up to see the town was now filled with people. the people were shocked at the sight of the violated young boy. but still no one had the thought to help. the boy then noticed hundreds of beasts. one beast coming up behind every man and woman and child standing there in the town. and then, in one second, all together, evey person in the town struck the boy over and over again. the boy knew that this would happen sooner or later. the boy knew that all he had to do was hold his breath.

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