Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sept 14th 07

stare blanklyinto dark passages of electricity
he tries to walk to the museum but the screaming trumpeteers keep him alert and ready for anything. he stops walking. starts dancing. stops, he is scared, uncertain of what is next.he takes his sandals off and throws them into the woods. he sips his coffee, catches THEE groove, and begins jogging to the rythym of his heart.he smiles and laughs. he has'nt a care in the world. snap, crap, abortion clap, board of directors will smile at dwarf people who check out books on health and growth. excersize my oddyssey with the people i saw and the people i see. court case ,leatherface. pictures have been mushed and multiplied andbecome more like mashed potatoes than actual thoughts. your fears come true and your love dies and your family ties fly away like flies.

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