Sunday, March 22, 2009

kent/allen estate

mike and brooke took me in starting saturday dinner time. we watched dexter, mike and i rode bikes while brooke showered,came back, we all rode bikes to find the house of beast in the field so that i could be prepared to find it at 8. then we went to jimmy johns. we ate. i said "do you guys have an empty mayonaise jar i can have?" the dude said"no, but i will empty one out 4 u." this was for the prohibition partay we were planning on attending saturday night.(this partay has one rule, you may not drink out of anything that is normally drank out of, bitches) the jar jumped into mikes bag and i went to the beast's lair. i ate two cookies, and made my way into the TINY basement to get my eardru ms pulverized. then i rode back to mike and brookes and they were both doing X-treme blogging! i joined and now this very blog look fantastic(thank you brooke.) then we rode to ric, not to be confused with glen's. we bought cheap nasty-ass beer. we rode to the partay. saw some old friends and danced with new hotties. then rode back to mike and brookes estate on some incredibly smooth roads. brooke made pizza snacks, we all chowed to the max. sleeping commenced. woke up, went to see mke future haunted house and surprisingly non-chinese roomates. went to eat at stans, it was great. went to blue in the face. came back to the estate and surfed the net. now i am writing this.

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