Tuesday, February 2, 2010


listen to the thunder and take care of yourself! Eat healthy! The wind is mighty and can carry you far babe! Turn around, stick it out! I'm fine with that. I am a fat person so as you could imagine, I am getting pretty hungry typing this, even though it has not much to do with food! Wow, I am sooooo fat! My name should be legally changed to Fatty Fatty Fat Fat. Yes, I think that would suit me just fine. Oh, by the way, ice cream is a drug. I am an addict. I also enjoy Gwockermoleee. with chips!
Look at your watch. Is it past 8:30pm?? You really should not eat anything at all if it his. Maybe just settle for a glass of water, or even juice, and call it a night. Read something, see what's on the tube, clean your room, I really don't care what you do just please do not make a habit of LATE_NIGHT_MUNCHING.
My whole life, right before bed, I would eat dinner. Look at me today. I resemble a beached whale. Don't do this to yourself.
What happens when you eat to late? Your body does absolutly zero digesting while you sleep. The food turn directly into lard. I am addicted. I cannot stop. I no longer eat breakfast or lunch, just a gigantic 'midnight snack'. I have not pooped in years.

Please be careful.

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