Saturday, May 2, 2009

i really don't care about anything.....

so today i realized my bike had a flat tire, i just kept riding.
last week i noticed all those late parking tickets, dont care.
yesterday my dog ran away, i just thought, he'll be back.
i tell people i dont drink soda very much, i drink it all the time.
a lot of people i work with tell me my long hair and mustache are both "trashy", i don't care.
i should be in bed, i have a sore throat, i dont care!
the dna matches the dead knight, but why would i tell you that? Dr. Pepper aint any good! tomorow is sunday, well actaully today is. but hey, pluck pluck pluck the chickens goes cluck. pushed further into the thought of the critic. the horse bit the cord of a stock brokers baby, the listing was listed to late for lisa. i need to somehow reach you!

1 comment:

  1. hey I care...wanna hang out next saturday!? I like you! btw your hair and mustache are delicious....also Mike's computer sounded just like you today