Thursday, April 30, 2009

august 2nd

With: Chimara, Toxic Holocaust,

Winds Of Plague & Dying Fetus

the terminal-
i have to say i am really only looking forward to Dying Fetus and Toxic Holocaust
i hate "chimara" which is actually spelled chimaira, come on terminal, and winds of plaugue shouldn't really ever be heard by anyone in my opinion. Hatebreed has had a HUGE influence on the metal world and put on a pretty good show, but they are really not my thing and this will be my third time seeing them, but i very much respect what they do.
hopefully i will still be in town for that show, im not sure, but i am sure about this one, and it is coming up!:

they are nasty and totally up my alley and all but i have to say i am more pumped to see the openers, Cattle Decapitation:

they just happen to be vegan and have a veggie burger named after them so if you are ever in san diego, you can go get a "cattle decapitation burger"

ALSO, upon browsing the terminals website, i found this:

Followed by this detailed writeup: MIDGET WRESTLING!!!
Need We Say More???

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